A story of an island in midsummer

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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On an island which celebrates the 80th anniversary of the designation as a national park, art works incorporating story telling by people of 80 years old or older and Shiraishi Dance, a traditional folk dance, will be exhibited at the village headman's house. A talk event will be held to review “ArtLink Project” that has took place with perspectives of human relationship.



NPO Heart Art Okayama


The group has implemented “ArtLink Project”in which people with disabilities and professional artists created art works on a one-on-one basis; “Kasaoka Islands: A cultural festival of islands” in which elderly citizens and other villagers of a depopulated and aging village challenged their values; and the Okayama Prefectural Art Corridor “Tenjin MAM”, “Tram Car Camera” and “Niche Café in town” in which special attention was paid to a local community, nature, food, tradition and rendering. We send artists to schools and institutions, organize a long-term collaboration and workshops at a special place. We place importance on ways people interact with one another through art and offer space and opportunities for elderly citizens, people with disabilities and citizens including children to express themselves. In 2013 we undertook “Takamatsu ArtLink Project” as a part of Setouchi International Art Festival and in 2014 and onwards, the project will be rolled out extensively in the city. Since 2007, we have close ties with an NPO in Florida to carry out international Artlink projects and participate in international forums.

2014 年度参加団体