Audience Boot Camp Table

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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Audience Boot Camp Table: a series of talk sessions to think about participatory art and community-based art from the viewpoint of audience

●Thinking of participatory art

●Art Management Now

●Who is “art audience”?



Arts Audience Table LOPLOP


Based in Nagoya, Arts Audience Tables Loplop is a group of active arts audience, open to everyone who wishes to share experiences of art appreciation and explore it further. Loplop consists of sub-groups called "Tables" to gather under a variety of themes in the fields of contemporary art, including fine art, dances, play and film. Loplop also encourages people to set up new Tables depending on their interests, with the aim of activating the local art scene more. The core activity is "Tsuki-ichi Table", holding monthly open meetings to get to know each other, discuss and plan events. Other tables include "Gallery Hopper Table" to visit museums and galleries vigorously, "Audience Boot Camp Table", a series of lectures by art professionals, and more. Loplop was established in 2011.

2014 年度参加団体