I made a boxful of origami cranes...for no reason.

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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The "Takeshi Culture Centre" prizes "passion for doing what you want to the full" as the most important link to the creation of culture. This year they aim to enjoy people's passions through a workshop format and laying on the same table the things that occur at the Takeshi Culture Centre in town and the Handicap Welfare Centre Ars Nova.Example projects: "Jizo statue tour", "Advice for the troubles of a girl going through puberty with mental disabilities", "R's very slow walk"



Non-Profit Organization Creative Supports "Let's"


Creative Support Let’s strives to help create a town where people with disabilities can live a cultured and fulfilling life as a member of society and to create a society that accepts, understands and lives together with "differences". Creative Support Let’s started out mainly organising events and courses that help promote and teach expressive methods through art for people with disabilities and then went on to set up the "Takeshi Culture Centre" (from 2008) as a place for those with disabilities and all kinds of people could meet one another. "Handicap Welfare Service Center Ars Nova" (from 2010) offers a welfare service that develops and promotes everyday expressive methods, and "Takeshi Culture Centre INFO LOUNGE" (from 2011) as an information centre where people of all generations and backgrounds can meet and organise new kinds of events and activities. The underlining mission of the organisation is the promotion of diversity created by various people intermingling with one another whilst valuing one another's individuality, and believes in the importance of individuals' personal passion leading to the creation of culture.

2014 年度参加団体