Shibata Photo Town Project

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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Shibata Photo Town Project (SPTP) focuses on a cultural heritage of photographs which has been long forgotten in Shibata. SPTP sets up a collective exhibition titled “Memories of our hometown” by using various kinds of photos which local people voluntarily offer. The photos are shown in the vast areas around the city during the exhibition. They are expected to encourage local people to share their memories each other and remind them of their local pride. The purpose of this project is revitalization of the city of Shibata as well as people living in it.



Shibata Photo Town Project Committee


It is a cultural project planned by the people of Shibata City in Niigata. Through the photo culture, the group aims to discover, pass on, and develop the attractive community, to make connections among the people, and to energize the city and its people. Using the vast shopping area, SPTP events take place every fall. They also work on making the database of photographs, entitled “Shibata Archives,” collaborating with Keiwa Gakuen Collage. We continue our free-formed self-motivated working group. Now, the members connected through emails have grown to about sixty.

2014 年度参加団体