A Tale of Three Cities

Asahi Art Festival 2014


This project will create art pieces in collaboration with three communities. It aims to provide opportunities for the intercultural youth to contribute to the society during the process of workshop and the presentation of its outputs. It overall aims to provide a shift to the audiences of “intercultural youth” from “social problem” to “global potential”. 





Shinjuku Art Project


We may be different in race, nationality, culture and background. But the differences do not prevent us from working together to create an Art and to create a better society. In the era of globalization, we have more opportunity to encounter the differences and live the diversity. It is about time that this country accepts "being different" as a positive value to enrich the society. We believe that Art is an efficient mean to bind different people together and to appreciate the diversity. Shinjuku Art Project creates Art activities using contents such as dance, music, photography and video, where people from diverse background can enjoy together.

2014 年度参加団体