MY(Miyagi Yamagata) Art Festival

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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・Lights and Sounds Fantasy.( Operated by Tohoku University of Art and Design)

・Have a lecture class of making greeting cards and an art of calligraphy exhibition.  (Calligraphy artist  “Miku”.) 



Zao Hot Spring and Resort


1.Tourism Business   (1) Public relation business   ①Advertisement & publication (Town map, General tourism brochures etc..)   ②PR campaign (2)Events Business   ①Trekking tour around Zao Mountain (Summer to Autumn)   ②Summer festival (Bon dance festival, Music festival etc..)   ③Zao ski competition   ④Winter Festival (Festival of fire and ice, Ice monsters illumination viewing etc..) (3)Community planning business ①Onsen town environment improvement works ②Repairing path up a mountain works. ③Revitalizing street of Zao Onsen 2. General affairs of association 3. Neighborhood association works 4. Designated management business (Yamagata city Zao gymnasium) 5. Running of Zao Onsen tourism information center.

2014 年度参加団体