Hachinohe Kojyo Daigaku* *”Kojyo” as “factory” and “Daigaku” as “college”

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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Through “lectures,” “artist workshops,” and “art projects,” participants will learn about the factories, develop different perspectives of art with regards to factories, and design plans for an art project at industrial plants in operation working together with citizens, companies and artists.



Hachinohe Factory College Project Office


The Hachinohe Kojyo Daigaku is a voluntary group, consisting of citizens, companies, artists and government staff. We aim at achieving a common goal by using individual strengths as efficiently as possible. In 2012, Hachinohe City organized the “Factory Tour & Symposium.” The theme of the symposium was to look into factories from a broad set of perspectives, such as tourism, landscape and art. In 2013, some of participants of the symposium established “Hachinohe Kojyo Daigaku.” We have offered 6 lectures to expand knowledge of factories in Hachinohe and workshops with artists. In addition, we hold a school art shows named “Kojyo Saikou*.” These projects are in cooperation with several companies in Hachinohe. We are developing plans for an art project with industrial plants in operation gradually. *“Saikou” has multiple translations: endsville, mining, revisit, renaissance, let’s go.

2014 年度参加団体