Susukino Night Triennale -The Other Side of a Coin

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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Susukino Night Triennale focuses on Susukino’s history and culture through art to seek for new possibilities of the city.



Susukino Night Trienniale Committee


A grassroots group aiming for Sapporo International Art Festival for the last three years became Susukino Night Triennale Committee. The committee worked on projects to explore locality and history of Sapporo. It energized local communities through art planning, exhibitions, and symposiums. For 2013 Sapporo International Art Festival, we carried out Susukino Art Project. In 2014, Sususkino Night Triennale will be a part of the art movement in Hokkaido during the time of Sapporo International Art Festival.

2014 年度参加団体