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MEETING CARAVAN project 2015

Asahi Art Festival 2014


We will be traveling throughout Japan visiting interesting art movements and having meetings. Aiming to set out the caravan in 2015, we will ask for planners and collaborators for their plans and ideas.





N-mark was established in 1998 to energize the art scene in the Chubu area. It has been running many art spaces. In 2003, N-mark carried out a “meeting caravan,” visiting art movements throughout Japan and having meetings. It has been planning and creating many exhibitions afterwards. N-mark now runs a shared building called Chojamachi Transit Building for artists and creators in Chojamachi in Nagoya. It produces many art events and exhibitions. Last year, N-mark gathered 39 artists and 18 art organizations for Kuucyuu(In the Air) Musem exhibition at Nagoya TV Tower. It connected young businessmen, artists, tourists, and audience. Muto and Noda are the representatives of N-mark, who explore many possibilities and support new movements, inspired by and related to their activities.

2014 年度参加団体