INstadio project 1. Movement 4 Society

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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As individual lifestyles became standardized and human spirit losing its wealth, we aim to include all individuals and organizations in the art world to seek common values, using power of art to revitalize contemporary local communities and witnessing the reasons for creations which all the artists face.





INstadio movement


Instead of staying in limited frameworks such as individual, society, nature and value, all the people can seek common themes and reframe the existing formats and express them in order to overcome the limitation of one artist. Through collaboration with other artists with different creative tools, artists can have wider experiences and perspectives with the foundation of his/her own ability. This brings us multiplying effects to go over the limit of individual development of one artist. As a group, we can create something that didn’t exist in the past, satisfying classic, contemporary, fine, and mass art quality, to give positive language to individuals and to the society to provide solutions.

2014 年度参加団体