Choja-machi Beer Jamboree 2014

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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“Choja-machi Beer Jamboree 2014” set up a beer garden at a building rooftop or car park etc. in Choja-machi textile town. This project will create chances to encounter and new communities among neighbors, artists, visitors and beer lovers of all ages there. 



Choja Machi Machinaka Art Hatten Project


The group started in January 2011 by the people who have met at “Choja-machi” after “ Aichi Triennale 2010”. We have acted to make a chance to connect “Choja-machi”, “Art”, and “People” at Choja-machi textile town in downtown Nagoya. We promote art projects on a building rooftop, car park, and a vacant space in a building, etc. as a stage of activities. New members are always welcome.

2014 年度参加団体