Vertical Stripe Art Project 2014 -- hand to hand connections --

Asahi Art Festival 2014


"Vertical Stripe Art Project 2014 -- hand to hand connection --", is a joint creation of local children and high school students. We will highlight the best parts of Koshien Abiki area, including things that local adults may not be aware of.



Tatejima Art Project Executive Committee


Our goal is to bring the people and businesses of Shin Koshien in Koshien Abiki closer together . The participating high school students are enrolled in the selective art class called “Imazu Local Design” at Nishinomiya Imazu High school. They are supported by the Vertical Stripe Art Project Committee. Nishinomiya Imazu High School students design art based on the drawings of local children. The results of this collaboration will be displayed to the public. Local children will also write poetry about the area , and a Pandalers, a music group, will compose a song for the workshop on November 15th. We hope this song will be played during future festivals. We will publish a newspaper called “Imozuru” to advertise our project. The students will perform an original version of Ebisukaki, a traditional puppet show.

2014 年度参加団体