KIZUGAWA ART 2014 “One Hundred Years of Encounters,”

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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This is an art festival that will take place in a new city formed by three towns. We will learn more about the region’s historical background and customs, as well as form a new platform for communication. Forty artists, chosen from open submissions, will create artworks with the theme of “machi” (town, neighborhood, community), forming “One Hundred Years of Encounters.”



Kizugawa Art Project Team


The purpose of Kizugawa Art Project Team is to assist in the operation of Kizugawa Art and to contribute to the regional culture and development through the festival. (Kizugawa Art Project Team Rule 2) The Kizugawa Art volunteers help out as “Butajiru Cookers” (who welcome participating artists by preparing meals), “Osouji Cleaners” (who clean buildings or places that have been left unused to arrange them as exhibition sites), “Mimamori Watchers” (who attend to the exhibition areas and artworks during the festival); and they have a wide range of other responsibilities that include acting as guides and organizing various events.

2014 年度参加団体