Kofu Art Festival 2014

Asahi Art Festival 2014

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Kofu Art Festival will be located around the main street of the town for 10 days with Bon dance held on September 20.  We plan to work and play closely with the community to discover explore a new possibility for Kofu town.



Yamanashi Art Tree


Yamanashi Art Tree began with the artists and people from Yamanashi and outside of Yamanashi, growing the tree of art with deeper roots and bigger blanches. Kofu Art Festival is organized by Yamanashi Art Tree. It began in 2010 and this is its fifth year. In the past, more than 30 units of artists from Yamanashi and rest of Japan and abroad got together to explore the events in more than 20 locations. Supporters for the event have also increased. This year Yamanashi Art Tree will have more various art projects to deepen the ties with the community. We plan to open a base office of Yamanashi Art Tree for that purpose.

2014 年度参加団体