The First Adventure of Kawazo

Asahi Art Festival 2013

They visit AAF participants and they collaborate with AAF participants on "Kawaramachi Art Day" which falls on the second Sunday in Kawaramachi,Kumamoto.In Kumamoto City Zoological and Botanical Gardens, we exhibit art works and do workshops.



Research Institute of Cultural Development, Kawaramachi


The group is based in Kawaramachi in Kumamoto City, which used to be a town for textile wholesale dealers. They support artists in Kumamoto and offer space for their artistic activities. "Kawaramachi Art Day," on the second Sunday, is an opportunity for artists, local community, and visitors to exchange and express beyond genres. They connect art and our local community and expand further beyond. One of the purposes of the group is also to support cultural promotion of Kumamoto. Once a year, as a highlight of Kawaramachi Art Day, they invite judges to give the "Kawaramachi Award" to excellent art work. Established in 2004.

2013 年度参加団体