Okubo Patchwork

Asahi Art Festival 2013


10% of the population is of foreign resident in Okubo, Shinjuku city. With such difference within the city, artists will focus on its intercultural diversity to create artworks and to implement art events in which members from different communities could easily participate. We aim to create an opportunity for the diverse community members, to be engaged and to share the time and memories through Art.



Shinjuku Art Project


Shinjuku Art Project has started its activity from a pilot project of the Japan Foundation in 2009. With partnership from local NPO and community centers for children and youth, it has developed to conduct series of art workshops in 2010. Involving intercultural youth and children, and its community, the organisation implement art workshop on video, photography, dance and music to expands views and worlds of the participants and promotes mutual understanding.

2013 年度参加団体