Onagawa Jyoyatou - Sea and Mountain Stories,

Asahi Art Festival 2013

Taiwa Kobo promotes communication around fire and creates opportunities to discuss "Mountain, Sea, and Fire" with the people in the community, based on the history and landscape of Onagawa. The group creates new stories and intends to orally pass on memories. It also continuously supports the "Mukaebi(Welcoming Back Fire) Project."



Taiwa Kobo


The purpose of this project was to create "a place for expression and conversation." Ten members of artists, architects, editors,producers, and the people from the local community got together and created the group in September 2011. They are continuing their activities in Onagawa-cho, Ojika-gun in Miyagi Prefecture. Through creations, support activities, and events with people in the local community, they create and recreate the sites of local communications.Going beyond the border of "the earthquake victims and supporters," they focus on listening to people in person to establish partnerships and expand longstanding relationships. What they learn through the activities in Onagawa is conveyed to other parts of Japan. This is also a project to connect communities. In August 2012, the group held the "Onagawa Light: Mukaebi Project" with the people of the Onagawa Community.

2013 年度参加団体