Let's Make a Middle School into a Museum Project - Togabi Art Project 2013 Kocho☆Pro 2013

Asahi Art Festival 2013

Middle school students create artworks,sometimes with the collaboration of artists, to show at art projects.



N Project Executive Committee


Established in 2004,the N Project Executive Committee is made up of art teachers in middle schools.It connects middle school students, who will create the future of Japan, through art. It aims to encourage the students to have self-confidence. Besides benefitting the students, we plan to show their creative activities. For the Togabi Art Project, middle school students' groups called the "Kids' Curators" and the "Kids' Cast" plan exhibitions, select artists, get art supplies, collaborate with the artists, make exhibitions, and make commentaries on the artworks.In April 2007, Chihiro Nakahira, the head of the office, was transfered to Sakuragaoka Middle School in Nagano Prefecture, yet the Togabi Art Project goes on. In 2007,the executive committee established the Nagano Art Project and is now active in making a difference in art education in Japan.

2013 年度参加団体