Onagawa Joyato

Asahi Art Festival 2012


The project lights “small fires” at places where used to be streets in town and creates a space to share people’s memories and dialogues around the fire. The small fire lit at the place rediscovered with local people will become a lighthouse to illume the past and future and a testimony of life sympathy for all people who visit there.



Taiwa kobo


Taiwa Kobo is working with local people to regain vanished “opportunities for expression and dialogue”. Based on the existing relationship between Hirohiko Oka, an affected local person in Onagawa, and Kiichi Kaiko, an architect in Natori, artists in various fields get together from all over Japan. The disaster revealed the hidden distortion and weak structure of the society, but it can be happened anywhere and it reminded you of the values of dialogues with people, things and the nature in your life. Taiwa Kobo helps local people to review their home town, create their whereabouts and take the next step to their new life through creation, consideration and experience in cooperation with local people and artists.

2012 年度参加団体