Koza Crossing 2012 Shichibi Art

Asahi Art Festival 2012


Traditional events stated in the old calendar which are  maintained in Okinawa and the East Asia have secretes of connections between people and the nature and laws of life. The project develops “Art x The old calendar”, a means to change the modern society through Shichibi Art which dredges up customs and folklore left  in shopping malls where people are still close to the old calendar traditions as well as other areas where people already lost such rhythms of the old calendar.



Studio Kaihoku


They started its activities in 2002 based in Koza. Studio Kaihoku was established in 2005 to develop a project of “folklore x art x community”. They created “Hyoryu Residence (residential atelier)”, “Koza Ginten University” and “Picture Book Museum” as an art communication basis forlocal communities. "Studio Kaihoku", a tirelessly transforming sphere which creates opportunities under horizontal relationships across boundaries develops Shichibi (days of milestone) Art to dig down on vanishing indigenous memories, the old calendar and folklore to make them sublimated as annual art events.

2012 年度参加団体