Yakushima Art Project Group "Za JAJA"

Asahi Art Festival 2012

c yakushima.JPGIn Yakushima, 24 settlements are scattered about in the island. As the communities have been declining due to the recent decreasing birthrate and the aging society, they aim to revitalize the region through a wide range of creative activities.
- In 2009, the original play "Gejibe in the Forest" ~Festival with dances and songs~ as one of "Kagoshima Culture and Art Revitalization Projects"
- On 26th Nov. 2011, ~Session with live painting performance and folk music, with the theme of Yakushima~ at "the Second Prefecture Culture Festa"
- Supervision for a children drama group "Gekidan Oneda" by members of Zajaja (Their play is presented at the Onoaida Summer Festival every summer). Other initiatives includes live events, solo exhibitions, Yakushima folk handicraft exhibitions at a warehouse, serial columns for newsletters released from Yakushima, picture postcard making and others.


2012 年度参加団体