Koma from a Gourd

Asahi Art Festival 2012

AAF2012_C16hyotankarakoma.jpgA voluntary organization “Koma from a Gourd” generated out of “Omi Mirai Juku” hosted by Omi Network Center is a group of local producers which provides local people with pride, courage and power by uncovering potential attractions of the local resources and promote them to the public through fusion of artistic means such as “films”, “concerts” and “community and local renovation”. Since its foundation in 2006, they have continuously worked on community renovation through “film making” based in Omi-Hachiman-city, Shiga. It has been participating AAF since 2007 and involved in production of three “local cinemas” (“Yui Tamashii”, “Hongara” and “Time Capsule Adventure”). They would like such films screened on a non-profit basis in all over Japan to help empower the local communities.


2012 年度参加団体