Takeyo KIMURA + Kosumi Library

Asahi Art Festival 2012

C_11bokutoubunko.jpgArtist Takeyo Kimura and workshop participants will establish “Bokuto Bunko Editorial Office” at Kosumi Library located in Hatanomachi Street Mall in Sumida-ku and release “Bokuto Bunko Hatonomachi Edition”. “Bokuto Bunko” is a project to see the town as a bunko (library) and list up the “stories” hidden there in a book catalogue. Every story contains the moment when the editors and local people encounter as a short outline. After the release, “Bokuto Bunko Hatonomachi Edition” will be given away for free mainly at the shops in Hatonomachi Street Mall and other places. The details such as when and where you can get the brochure will be announced on the website. Wait till then! Established in 2011.


2012 年度参加団体