Love for Drunks Executive Committee

Asahi Art Festival 2012

yopparai2012_ph.JPGEstablished in 2009. This organization consists of shop owners in Hachinohe Downtown, people related to the Hachinohe Yokocho Union Council, and staffs of Hachinohe Portal Museum, Hacchi opened in 2011. They plan and run "Yokocho Only You Theater" which gives performances including dances and plays using shops in the area as theaters. Building managers, izakaya-bar managers, liquor&cigar storeowners and others who have long known the area got together to estabilish the executive committee. In addition to "Yokocho Only You Theater", they offer drinking rallies and tours at bars in the area as well as "Hachinohe Yokocho Week" which presents a variety of events on a day-by-day basis through town.


2012 年度参加団体