Asahi Art Festival 2012

ONAIR.jpgCreators and artists who moved to the area which has a chronic vacant housing issue, open their creation sights for public. Also, regenerated places, buildings and an artwork exhibition will be open for public to make the Onomichi old town area and its slopes an art museum. Around the same time, Nakata Art Museum offers the Kentaro KOBUKE exhibition.



AIR Onomichi/ Nakata Art Museum / Komyoji-Kaikan


◎Nakata Art Museum (in Nakata Mac Corporation) They offer opportunities for many people to enjoy art through exhibitions mainly with paintings, museum concerts and workshops. Established in 2007. ◎Air Onomichi Executive Committee Based on artist in residence projects, they explore relationships between art and places. Established in 2007. ◎Komyoji-Kaikan It is a place for interaction and learning. They aim to be a space where not only local people but also outsiders can be committed to art. They are a basis of Air Onomichi and develop Komyoji-Kaikan School, exhibitions and events, artist support programs and a café, as well as serve as a receptionist and an inquiry clerk of Yamate . Established in 2011.

2012 年度参加団体