The Room for Full of Voice, Words, and Hearts(Cocoroom)

Asahi Art Festival 2012

ココルーム正面.jpgBy fostering independence and self-sufficiency through “expressions” and by recognizing and understanding circuits to connect to others, they continuously conduct small trial activities which can be clues to solve problems in the society and local communities. Cocoroom is a movement to create opportunities to “express” yourself and to make a connection among people that transcend fields and standpoints. Cocoroom was established in 2003 and became a specified non-profit organization in 2004 in Nishinari-ku, Osaka-city. They opened Infoshop Café Coco Room in 2007, Kaman! Media Center in 2009, Engawa Café Cocorogi in 2011 and Nikai! Culture Center in 2011.


2012 年度参加団体