Miracle Water

Asahi Art Festival 2012

506.JPGThis is a team generated as an artist of Hiroshi Fuji’s new project based in “Toshima Art Station Z” in Zoshigaya, Toshima. While making a research on attractions in the local communities, they aim to enrich the area by focusing on genre-straddling fascinating activities. Through programs with full of ideas planed by people with a wide range of knowledge and experiences who live in Toshima and surrounding areas, they will create loose connections among the people. They periodically hold a hot pot event of “Zoni”, a kitchen event of “Mochiyori!” and a chitchat event of “Tabi Café”. By sharing “wisdom”, “materials” and “atmosphere” brought by people, the project is going to enrich daily lives.


2012 年度参加団体