Itoshima Art Festival "Itoshima Arts Farm 2012"

Asahi Art Festival 2012


During the festival period from rice planting in the spring to harvesting in the autumn, the project offers various exhibitions, workshops, collaboration with other fields, discussions and others to question the power promoting community-based cultures and to explore the future possibilities.



Itoshima Arts Farm Executive Committee


It is a voluntary organization consisting of Itoshima-based nearly 30 experts from various fields, such as artists, designers, craftsmen, historians, local planners who have been working with a vision to expand to Kyusyu and Japan. The experts supported the plan and purpose presented by the representative and spontaneously organized a group to realize the plan. They consider becoming a NPO for the future. Not only artists but also soy source makers, salt makers, farmers, designers, programmers, hunters, writers, historians, therapists, teachers and cooks join the projects as the executive committee members.

2012 年度参加団体