Yohaku Network ~ DIY with ◯◯!~

Asahi Art Festival 2012


The project aims to develop a new network among people to break the existing framework, by connecting not through ready-made connections such as locality or genre, but through "feeling of being marginated" which you keep in mind against communities you belong to.



Akihabara Network Executive Committee


Last year, they challenged to establish a genre-straddling network through “Akihabara Network” with the members who had “feeling of being marginated” against their own fields. Taking over the keywords of “feeling of being marginated”, “blank space” and “DIY” which were emerged last year, the executive committee has been organized to embody the key words for the second year. People who join the projects in various ways to make their own spaces and times will be members of this project and called “Yohaku Koji-nin (space craftsman)”. Established in 2012.

2012 年度参加団体