Awaji Island Island-wide Musium Conception AWAJISHIMA ART BUS TOUR 2012

Asahi Art Festival 2012

bus tour flyer 3-4-1.jpgのサムネール画像“AWAJISHIMA ART BUS TOUR” to connect scattered art sights in Awaji Island will be offered as if to draw a line.
The tour will present attractions of the whole island, such as rich life, comfortable environment and fresh produces to the world.



Awajishima Art Center


They have been developing a wide range of projects based in Awaji Island since 2005. Their goals are to become “a community basis” for Awaji-Islanders to live intriguingly with broad views of the world as well as respect to traditions in the island, while fostering spiritually rich life and identities as the islanders.

2012 年度参加団体