Organization Diagram


AAF Network Executive Committee

Asahi Art Festival is run by an executive committee which consists of art NPOs, citizen groups and individuals all over Japan. Anyone who is interested in AAF can take part in the committee. It engages in recruitment and screening of participating projects, overall PR activities, planning and operation of related events to promote cooperation among the projects, and individual review of the projects. The committee will carry out a lot of discussions on many issues mainly through regular meetings in Tokyo and a mailing list shared by the committee members.

AAF Network Executive Committee annualy holds Asahi Art Festival as its main activity. In addition, it offers a wide range of projects all year-round, which are:
・Open schools (AAF schools)
・Activities to expand the network to the world (AAF World Network)
・Activities to promote new encounters and discussions among participants (AAF Café)
・Activities to record the past activities and look toward the future (The 10th Anniversary Book Project and The Archive Project)

Besides them, a new project can be launched with approval of the Executive Committee.

Organizations registered in AAF Network

AAF Network consists of organizations which have participated in AAF. At the Great East Japan Earthquake hit on 11th March 2011, the registered organizations gathered to establish AAF Network Supportive Fund Raising and offered the funds to devastated groups.

Exchange Support Program

For organizations which participate in AAF in the year and which are registered in AAF Network, we implement a program to promote independent exchange among staff members of such organizations. The system is to subsidize travel expenses to projects for exchanges which have been applied for and obtained approvals of the Executive Committee, and the reports of achievements are open to the public. This program has created a wide range of developments in order to make an opportunity to discuss how to open up a new dimension for projects by mutually sharing the local issues, and to activate projects by utilizing advantages of each area.

The World Network Project

There are artists and other organizations which are committed to their locality and try to resolve regional challenges through art, as AAF participating organizations do in Japan. In order to combine wisdom and solve problems, we are going to create a network with them. In 2011, we invited young leaders from seven countries in Asia. We would like to go forward with the projects to build the network in the world for the future.

The 10th Anniversary Book Project and the Archive Project

At the opportunity marking its 10th anniversary in 2011, AAF launched projects to publish the anniversary book and create its archive website. Taking over its open and collegial way of thinking and proceeding in the book-editing as well, AAF goes ahead with the projects involving students who join AAF schools. In 2012, we published a book titled "Chiiki wo Kaeru Soft Power (The Soft Power Change Local Communities)," and opened the archive website.

AAF Schools

AAF provides learning opportunities with themes related to locality and art, inviting experts in various fields. In 2011 and 2012, the AAF Schools made experimental attempts to collaborate on bookmaking and website creation with the students to work on the 10th anniversary book and the archive projects. In 2014, the AAF schools opened in Kumamoto, Nagoya, and Tokyo. The students will report on participating art projects for AAF 2014.