About AAF

AAF2014 Network Conference

Asahi Art Festival (AAF) is a series of art festivals held in cooperation with nationwide local citizen groups, art-related nonprofit organizations, Asahi Breweries Ltd. and others. Under AAF, art projects planned and run on the initiative of “citizens”, get together and connected to bring out “local” charms and restructure local communities, with looking toward “the future”.

Opening Doors to the Future of Local Communities

AAF encourages to connect art and society and is highly sensitive to changing time and society. Especially, we have to focus and work on recent monotonous life styles, which collapsed local communities and exhausted localities. Art has a power to develop creativities needed to rejuvenate local communities as it intuitively reveals the heart of such issues, finds forgotten potentials and recovers disconnected ties among people. AAF will undertake a role to open the way to the future of local communities by utilizing its cultivated personnel and interregional networks.

From AAF to AAF Network!

A network, the greatest value

Asahi Art Festival (AAF) Executive Committee has hosted “Asahi Art Festival” every summer led by people in local communities since 2002. Participated citizens, citizen groups and art NPOs have fostered a network with firm ties through discussions and cooperation. In order to support the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 the network flexibly and promptly went into action. The network is the greatest value of AAF.

To AAF Network Executive Committee

AAF Executive Committee decided to change its name from Asahi Art Festival Executive Committee to “AAF Network Executive Committee”, aiming not just organize “Asahi Art Festival”, but also make further development. This can through dialogues by flexibly changing its own form and enlisting participation from various parties.

For a wide variety of activities

AAF Network is activities aiming to arouse a huge ground swell in local areas and people living there by creating a network among citizens in groups or on their own, who try to reveal social issues and change the local communities through art. Anyone who supports this purpose can join the network. We hope many people will be joining us!